Our Little Story

"Animals are not only our campaigns, but they are also very important for our environment but nowadays their importance is getting decreases in our lives. People treated them badly. There are so many species getting extinct & we can only see all this as silent audience. But no that's not true still there is something that we can do, our team is there to help those animals which are not enough for them. If you see an injured animal or pet anywhere. Please contact us, we will give them our helping hand to survive."


People Behind Success Of Us

Our team works for those animals and pets which are injured and have nobody to take care of them. In our team, we have two doctors who are specialized in this field, and other than that we have one researcher and one rescuer too. Rescue team members help those animals who are in any type of critical situation, we will try our best to reach to them as soon as possible to help them out. Our doctor's team is always available for them to treat injured animals that are rescued by our team.


A PHD holder Usha worked in a multinational company for 8 years but her love for animals & find some extra ordinary facts related to them. Her inquisitive behaviour make her rigid towards animals becouse of that she start working for "the jungle facts" and become a strongest part of our team. Usha has spent a long time in jungle just to find out the hidden facts, there she shoots so many videos & photos that we have shared with you in our blogs and gallery. "Wildlife In The World Can Only Be Protected  By Love Of Compassionate Hearts In The World"



Prashant holds a bachelor degree in Accounting from Kanpur University. He has done welfare from 2015 to till now. In 2017, he joined "the jungle facts" and start working as a team partner with us. Prashant is not only fond of animals but also he is passionate about social well being. To live his passion he has stated doing plays to make people understand the value of humainty & also want to teach that animals are also a living being and they also got hurt when somebody behave badly with them. This is justing starting and there are so many miles for Prashant to go further.

"If We Don't Have A Place For Nature In Our Heart, How Can We Expect Nature To Have A Place For Us"



Raghav completed his veterinary degree from Rajasthan Medical Degree College in 2015. After that he had work in a very reputated hospital for 2 years. But Raghav want to explore more, because of that he joined "the jungle facts" and start taking part in case studies along with Usha. Raghav had also went to the jungle with Usha & team for 2 weeks, there he had helped hundreds of poor animals with his capabilities, it gives him satisfaction & excitement too, rather than that Raghav also run campains to spread awareness & save animals.

"Everything Is Possible, Because You Are Alive"



Shivam is the lifeline of "the jungle facts" and when it comes to giving a major efforts to save animals. He is always there for them. He has done his gradution in B.A. and now he is a social worker, Shivam has been done thousand of rescues since 2015 & now he is fully devoted to those who are helpless and needy. Agenda of Shivam's life is just to spread happiness all around the world. He is so genuine in his work that he always consider other's his own. This quality make Shivam a pure soul.

" Your Voice Has The Power To Change The World, Use Your Voice For Good."


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